Civil, commercial (business), contract law (drafting, preparation, ammendments and termination of legal contracts, consultations on legal contracts and other legal documents).

Corporate law (legal audit of corporate activities, preparation of internal corporate legal documents, preparation of legal contracts (wholesale and retail purchase, lease, financial leasing, insurance and other types of contract), business transaction contracts, establishment and liquidation of legal entities, mergers and aquisitions, bankruptcy).

Intelectual property law (copyright protection, protection of industrial property objects, protection of commercial secrets and other confidential information, trade mark registration).

Labour law (protection of rights and legal interests of employers and employees).

Family law (marriage contracts, consultations and representation on divorse, inheritance and other cases).

European Union law (protection of rights and legal interests of private persons under European Union law in the areas of free momevent of goods, services and persons).

Competition law (evaluation of actions of undertakings in respect of compatibility with provisions of Lithuanian and European Union competition law; prohibited agreements; abuse of dominant position; unfair competition; mergers and aquisitions).

Sports law (establishment of sports clubs; drafting and auditing of sportsmen contrats; representation of legal interests of sportsmen and sport clubs in judicial and/or pre-judicial processes; evaluation of sporting activity in respect of European Union law provisions).

Migration law (preparation of documents required to get visa or residence permits for non-EU citizens, representation in national authorities; asylum affairs).

Consultancy (in the areas of civil, commercial, investment, real estate, public procurement, labor, family law and other areas of our law firm’s activities).

Representation (representation in precontractual relations, negotiations, mediation, preparation of claims, complaints, pretensions, responses to claims; representation at institutions of national and/or municipal authorities, Courts of the Republic of Lithuania, European Court of Human Rights, European Union Court of Justice).